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Chique Afrique Ltd

18 - Nov - 2014

Importers of stunning contemporary sculpture - direct from the stone artists of Zimbabwe

This Month






We are opening our gates at 11am on Sunday 12th October to welcome all who attended our outdoor events this year and those who have missed previous Open Days. New sculptures will be on view and special discounts on a number of existing sculptures will be available.


For those of you who have not visited before, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Whether visiting us at Holker Flower Show or Southport of at Home on one of Our Open Days our displays allow you to see, touch and experience the impact of each individual Sculpture in a relaxed and natural setting. The entire collection spans over 300 Contemporary, Abstract and Traditional designs for your home or garden, all different shapes and sizes. If you come and visit us on one of our Open Days, you will find refreshing drinks and a warm welcome always available to all our visitors.

Chique Afrique is totally unique in the North West of England, offering an extensive display of contemporary stone Sculpture in a beautiful country setting. Bringing the collection together here in Mobberley gives us the chance to introduce the amazing diversity of work that these talented Zimbabwean Artists produce, in one setting. We know that you will be impressed with the collection and be happy that by bringing their work directly to you, stunning original sculptures created from solid hand carved stone, for your garden or your home, can be affordable.

Just to help you plan your journey a little, we must tell you that we are surrounded by five great Country Pubs and Restaurants giving you the chance to fully relax either before or after you visit us .

We have the Plough & Flail Country Pub, just down the road, The Bulls Head and the Roebuck Inn are 3 minutes away by car, next door to each other. Around the corner from these are The Church, on the Ashley Road and the Frozen Mop on Faulkners Lane. The Stag's Head at Warford is just past the Golf Course on the way to Alderley Edge. All well worth a visit and some investigation on the internet before you visit and we do suggest booking if visiting on a Sunday!

We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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